Sinead Wilkinson (formerly Macmillan), East Yorkshire - Tel: 07716 858017

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Bitches - Isla

Field Trial and Open Test Winner
Spinnakeu Feather of Mekoro- Isla
FTCH Brindlebay Butler x FTW Chatston Harmony Spinnakeu

Isla is a very clever dog with an independent attitude.Hercharacter is quitestrong willed but with a very caring eagerness to please attitude, making her quite tricky to train in some respects. She hasclear marking skills and a fantastic hunting ability, which islovely to watch as she isextremely stylish. Isla has an enormous amount of drive and is very punchy when sent out for a retrieve. Another natural ability shown by this dog is straight lines, I often marvel at the way she takes a line and will keep consistently straight for so long. Among other things Isla certainly has a specialty for finding the wing-tipped runners or the wounded partridge sat tightly in the hedge with many of the most difficult retrieves completed by Isla.

2015 Achievements:

  • 4th place in the Vale of York's Open Working Test on 26th April
2014 Achievements:
  • 24th August 2014 Isla wins 1st place at the Open Cold Game Test run by the Vale of York
  • January 2014 – Isla wins out of novice at the Vale of York’s Working Retriever Club Novice Field Trial
2013 Achievements:
  • Isla completes novice trial with Utility Gundog Society with 4 place – October 2013
  • Isla gains guns choice at the Yorkshire Retriever Field Trial Society – October 2013
  • After competing in a novice on 25th August 2013 with 44 other dogs, Isla was in a run off with 6 other dogs for 3rd place, after dropping only 6 points after completing 6 tests. She gained a COM with only 3 points between her and the winner
  • Isla received a Third in a novice working test, out of 25 dogs at the Vale of York's Working Retriever Club on Sunday 21st April. A huge accomplishment for this dog after receiving 20/20 on two of the tests, and good handling on a blind.
2012 Achievements:
  • August - COM in the Three Ridings Labrador Novice cold game working test

DOB - 18/07/2010

BVA Health Scores
Hips - 2:2
Eyes - Unaffected August 2016
Elbows - 1:1

DNA Tests
PRA - clear
CNM - clear
SD2 - clear/normal
EIC - clear/normal

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Isla's Gallery