Sinead Wilkinson (formerly Macmillan), East Yorkshire - Tel: 07716 858017

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Bitches - Nora

Mekoro Duck Diver - Nora
FTCH Waterford Ganton x FTAW Mekoro Florentine

Nora is the grand-daughter of FTW Spinnakeu Feather of Mekoro (Isla), our foundation trialing bitch. She is also the daughter of the highly talented FTAW Mekoro Florentine (Tess). Sired by FTCH Waterford Ganton (10x Open Field Trial Winner, 2x Retriever Championship Award Winner & Sire of 2017 Ret Championship Winner), Nora has an exceptional pedigree with excellent health tests.

Named for her cheeky personality "Naughty Nora"... she loves to please. Being a larger sized bitch with a calm, biddable personality she often gets mistaken for a dog! Tackling every new obstacle just as her mother and grand-mother did, with ease, style and grace. Nora is extremely driven, punchy both out and on delivery, she really is a talented and bright young bitch.

We are hoping to run Nora in some puppy and novice tests in the 2019 late spring/summer. See our FB page for more regular updates:

DOB - 03/04/2018

BVA Health Scores
Hips - 5:2
Eyes - Unaffected March 2019
Elbows - 0:0

DNA Tests
PRA - Hereditary Clear/Normal
CNM - Hereditary Clear/Normal
SD2 - Tested Clear/Normal
EIC - Tested Clear/Normal

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