Sinead Wilkinson (formerly Macmillan), East Yorkshire - Tel: 07716 858017

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Litters planned

Mekoro Labradors are very pleased to announce the approval of a Breeding Licence under the new Animal Activities Licencing Regulations 2018. Please be advised that any puppy being sold or re-homed without its mother present and/or without the breeder having a licence number provided by the council is potentially breaking the law. Which is why we are so very happy to promote the new Breeding Regulations as a step forward against battling the poor welfare conditions many breeding dogs succumb to. For more information on this legislation and what breeders have to adhere to please visit:

Our breeding aims to produce Labradors that are sound and kind in temperament but remain working dogs at heart. Additionally, intelligence and natural ability are key within our breeding, so the puppies have the potential to compete in working tests and field trials, as well as working as a peg or picking up dog.

At Mekoro Labradors we do not breed from all our bitches every year, nor do we have any more than 2 litters in one year. Therefore, the demand for our puppies is quite high. We are strict in our criteria for new owners and as such we will only allow potential owners to visit the puppies from 3.5 weeks of age. We prefer our puppies to be placed in country homes with owners that are active outdoors as a minimum. Owners that will undertake structured training such as obedience, agility or gundog work will be preferred over purely pet homes. However, all homes will be considered but new owners will be chosen on what we deem to be the best home available.  

2019 Matings-

FTCH Warrenbank Monkeyson of Castlemans and FTAW Mekoro Florentine (Tess) were mated 28th & 29th January 2019.  The litter are expected to be born around 26-30th March, there will potentially be a mixed litter of black and yellow in colour. Each puppy will be KC registered with a 5 Generation Pedigree, microchipped and vet checked before they leave at 8 weeks. Additionally, all puppies will be provided with 5 weeks insurance, 3kg of food, a puppy book and lots of advice and information for owners to help settle the puppy into a new environment.  

Update: Tess has been scanned on the 25th February and confirmed to be in pup. Due around 30th March.

Sire: FTCH Warrenbank Monkeyson of Castlemans

Field Trial Champion

Qualified twice for the IGL Retriever Championships,
 in the last 7 dogs at Ampton (2016) 


Dam: Mekoro Florentine

Guns Choice at Novice Field Trial 2017

3rd Place Novice Field Trial 2018

2nd and 4th in KC Novice Working Tests 

Sire: FTCH Levenghyl Isle of Aran 
Dam:  Brackenthorn Barley of Warrenbank

Sire: FTCH Jobeshill Ragnar of Flypatch x Dam: FTW Spinnakeu Feather of Mekoro

BVA Health Scores
Hips- 0:1
Elbows- 0:0
Eyes- Unaffected (clear) 26th Aug 2017

DNA Tests
DNA clear for PRCD-PRA, SD2 and CNM


BVA Health Scores
Hips- 2:0
Elbows- 0:0
Eyes- Unaffected (clear) Nov 2017

DNA Tests
DNA clear for PRCD-PRA, EIC, SD2 and CNM

Sparra's consistent trialling career is evidence of his natural game finding ability, a trait inherited from his excellent lineage. 

Tess has produced high calibre offspring that are both in working pet homes and competing in Field Trials.


Both parents are extensively health tested for breeding (see above information or visit the dog’s individual pages). Each puppy will be hereditary clear of CNM, PRCD-PRA and SD2 as both the parents are either clear through heritage or DNA testing. More information regarding these diseases that affect Labradors can be found on: 

This litter are priced at £1200 each.

Please contact Sinead Wilkinson on 07716858017 or email further information or to register interest in this litter.