Sinead Wilkinson (formerly Macmillan), East Yorkshire - Tel: 07716 858017

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Stud Litters



Mekoro Red Kite - Fox red
Sire: FTW Flashmount Meade x Dam: Dreamacres Wigeon Von Mekoro

Mated to Leo on 16th January 2018. Puppies all yellow with potentially some Fox red, due around 20th March 2018.

DOB - 30/10/2012

Hips - 4:7
PRA - Clear
CNM - Clear

Sire: EIC Clear

COI: 6.4%

Contact - Angie Wilkinson 
Tel: 07538086138 Email:


Brindlebay Oasis - Black
Sire: FTW Mansengreen Badger x Dam: Brindlebay Della of Denbark

Mated to Leo on 20th November 2017. Puppies assumed to be black and yellow, due around 22nd January 2018.

0:0 Elbows
Clear Eyes
4:4 Hips
CNM & PRA clear 

3:5 Hips
Clear Eyes 

Low risk EBV's for hips and elbows for this bitch. 

COI: 5.2% 

Contact - Francis Megginson, Driffield, East Yorkshire. 
Tel: 01377 236089 / 07950601184

Gladline Elaine - Black
Sire: An Indiana Jones of Nature's Garden x Dam: Gladline Arosa

Leni is a lovely medium sized bitch with good labrador-type conformation and a bonny head. She has several awards in mock field trials and working tests in Germany. Click the pedigree picture for further details on awards for Leni and her parents.

Mated to Leo on 2nd Nov 2017. Puppies will be black, some potentially yellow. Due around 4th January 2018. 

Update: Scanned 28th Nov and Leni has been confirmed as in pup.

DOB - 22/05/2012

Hips - A2
Eyes - Free
Elbows - Free
RD - Free
PRA - Free
CNM - Free

Contact - Frank Mueller, Germany. Tel: 0571- 7100500

Cuckavalda Stephenson - Black
Sire: Cuckavalda Red Caz x Dam: Leadburn Mabel

Mated to Leo on 3rd October 2017. Puppies assumed to be black and yellow, due around 5th December. 

Update: Mere had 9 healthy puppies on Friday 1st December. 5 yellow and 4 black, 8 dogs and 1 bitch.

DOB - 26/08/2015

Hips - 3:4
Eyes - Current Clear Eye
Elbows - 0:0
PRA - Clear
CNM - Clear
SD2 - Clear

Contact - Claire O'Brien, Driffield, East Yorkshire. 
Tel: 07535489535. Email: