Sinead Wilkinson (formerly Macmillan), East Yorkshire - Tel: 07716 858017

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Stud dogs - Sol

Glenpatrick Solstice - Sol
OFTW Amancio Falcon x Glenpatrick Omega

Sol is the newest addition to our team. He is sired by our own Open FTW Amancio Falcon (Leo), so we are hoping he will acquire the easy-to-train nature of his father. He is developing himself through play, socialising and some basic training. Although he is young and enjoying being a puppy his drive, retrieving and natural ability are shining through.

DOB - 17/01/2017

BVA Health Scores

Hips - N/A
Elbows- N/A
Eyes- N/A

DNA Tests

CNM - Hereditary Clear
PRA - Hereditary Clear
EIC - Tested clear
SD2 - Tested clear
HNPK - Tested clear

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Sol's Gallery