Sinead Wilkinson (formerly Macmillan), East Yorkshire - Tel: 07716 858017

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Bitches - Tess

Mekoro Florentine - Tess
FTCH Jobeshill Ragner of Flypatch x FTW Spinnakeu Feather
of Mekoro

Tess is showing huge promise. Bred by Mekoro Labradors, she is the daughter of FTW Spinnakeu Feather of Mekoro (Isla) and sired by FTCH Jobeshill Ragnar of Flypatch (Diploma of Merit at the 2014 IGL Retriever Championship), she has hopefully been given a good start from her genetic lineage. 

She is extremely biddable and loving. Her kind and caring nature sometimes does not match her sturdy, well built body! I am often calling her Tomboy Tess! However, her strong stature means she has had no problem tackling fences, walls and ditches. Subsequently, all obstacles thrown at Tess seem to be taken with ease and eagerness. Now she is starting her life with more serious training which involve moving onto game and conquering blinds, again she seems to be taking it in her stride.

2017 Achievements:

  • October 2017- Tess gains Guns Choice at the Yorkshire Gundog Club's Novice Field Trial after a 2 dog eye wipe, a runner and some smart blind retrieves.
  • 2nd Place in Lincs Gundog Society Cold Game Novice Working Test on 6th August 2017
  • 4th Place in GRCN KC Novice Test of 31 dogs on Sunday 4th June 2017
  • 2nd Place in the Lincs Gundog Society informal Novice 2 test match on Saturday 6th May 2017

DOB - 02/10/2014

BVA Health Scores
Hips - 2:0
Eyes - Unaffected November 2017
Elbows - 0:0

DNA Tests
PRA - Hereditary Clear/Normal
CNM - Hereditary Clear/Normal
SD2 - Tested Clear/Normal
EIC - Tested Clear/Normal

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