Sinead Wilkinson (formerly Macmillan), East Yorkshire - Tel: 07716 858017

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Sinead is training to become a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour (KCAI) which is the first and only scheme for instructors in the UK to be approved by City & Guilds NPTC.

Sinead has been training her own gundogs for over 6 years with a great deal of success; a Diploma of Merit in the 2015 IGL Retriever Championships is certainly an achievement.

1-1 hourly sessions - suited around individual requirements- £25 per session

Residential training is offered, contact Sinead for prices and discuss specific requirements.

Gundog demonstrations are available. I have done demonstrations for local gun clubs, shows and bigger events such as the Countryside Day at Askham Bryan College. Contact Sinead to discuss requirements and availability.

Group training and lessons can be offered on other ground if people wish to book me and/or the dogs for an event/ training. Contact Sinead for further details.

Cold Game Training Day

Sunday 13th August 2017

10.00-12.30 and/or 1.30-4pm

Training day for Retrievers and Spaniels in Sugarbeet

Rabbits and Pigeons will be used with throwers and shot

2 Sessions available: 10-12.30pm and/or 1.30-4pm

Held in Everingham, York, North Yorkshire (Postcode disclosed to those booked)

Max of 8 dogs/ handlers per session

£45 per handler per session

*Please note that places are reserved for handlers/dogs that are able to:

  • Walk up in line at heel if a retriever (on a lead is acceptable as long as not pulling)
  • Minimal whining (not howling or getting stressed waiting)
  • Dog has been taught training commands (stop, back, hunt etc)
  • Not under 1 year old (unless discussed with me first)
  • Training for field trials/ working tests
  • Dog does not need any prior game experience as can get experience on the day.

To book please email: or call 07716858017

Booking is secured by payment in full to:

Mrs Sinead Wikinson
Sort Code: 11-00-49
Account Number: 12300261

Please reference your full name and email to confirm the session(s) you would like to book onto and the name/ standard of your dog.

Introduction to Shoot Days

Available to Retriever/Spaniel breeds only (no HPR)

Small, friendly real life shoot day where you will experience
putting all your training into practice under the guidance of Sinead.

Teaching about shoot etiquette and ensuring the dog is under control at all times
to make sure the handler is prepared as a picker up/ handler of a peg dog.

Your dog will experience:

  • Socialisation with other dogs and people
  • Experience the gun bus and trailers, get used to travelling close to other dogs and people
  • Standing behind the guns in a picking up/ peg dog situation – steadiness to falling (running!) game.
  • Walking up through sugarbeet, mustard, woods and other crops
  • Retrieving dead and potentially live game in the shoot environment – practicing handling 

Max 2 handlers per day
Number of retrieves depends on the day and the dog’s ability

 3 Training Days available in Everingham, Nr Pocklington
Every other Wednesday throughout Nov/Dec 2017

Specific dates to be updated soon.

Each day priced at £125


Group classes are postponed until further notice. The next group classes will be updated around August 2017.

Please contact Sinead on or 07716 858017 if you wish to register on a class or would like further details.