Our Breeding Ethos

We are a small, private breeding establishment, breeding only for our own trialling and picking up team. We have a 5* council issued breeding Licence (licence number: 244901, issuing authority: ERYC)  as well as being a member of the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme (Member number: 3722395) for over 10 years.

Our aim is to breed health tested, working Labradors who remain true to KC breed standards. The breed standards include not only conformation but the temperament and character of a Labrador Retriever. These are especially important for the versatile breed who should be able to transition from field to home easily.

Puppy Socialisation

All our puppies are socialised following The Puppy Socialisation Plan. Additionally, Sinead has devised her own Puppy Socialisation Programme using her BSc (Hons) in Animal Science & Behaviour, background research and years of experience. This Socialisation Programme describes the activities and care provided for both the bitch and puppies at Mekoro Labradors to ensure a well-rounded and happy puppy that is ready to transition in their new home at any age (8 weeks minimum).

Waiting List

Mekoro Labradors are planning 2 litters in Spring/Summer 2022.

This is dependant upon many factors such as the bitch’s health, welfare, and ability to have a litter as well as any environmental changes such the COVID-19  Pandemic. Please see the bitches who we may be mating in Spring 2022. 

Lynesykes Irish Cruise (Remi) is due in season late January, puppies ready around May/June 2022

Mekoro Duck Diver (Nora) is due in season January, puppies ready around mid-May 2022

Contact us for more information regarding puppies or the possibility of older/trained dogs for sale

More Details

Sinead with labradors