Mekoro Labradors are planning 2 litters in Spring 2022. This is dependant upon many factors such as the bitch’s health, welfare, and ability to have a litter as well as the current COVID-19 Pandemic.

We will only breed if we deem it is responsible to do so.

From October 2021 our waiting list for puppies in the spring of 2022 will be opened. Please do not contact us before then.

Any person(s) or family who wish to be added to our waitlist will be assessed based on the information provided by themselves (form will be emailed upon enquiry) and (ideally) a reference from a reputable person(s). Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the volume of interest into puppies has increased dramatically. Whilst this does mean we can be more selective over which homes are suitable for puppies, it does also endure much more work and admin time to differentiate between the genuine homes and the more last-minute puppy buyers. Therefore, to ensure that all enquiries into our litters are valid and trustworthy we are implementing a £15 non-refundable fee for a potential new owner to be added to our waiting list.

All prospective new owners (on the waiting list) will be contacted and advised which litter may suit them best depending on the home, family, previous experiences, training abilities and reasons for the puppy. At any time prospective new owners are able to leave the wait list as there is no obligation to obtain a puppy from us. Additionally, there is no obligation for us to provide the prospective new owner a puppy even if said person(s) are on the waiting list.

Prices per litter will be determined once a stud dog has been chosen as the price fluctuates depending on the breeding, extensive health testing undertaken and field trial/ working test achievements of the parents. Please see our bitches below who we MAY be breeding from.

Lynesykes Irish Cruise (Remi) is due in season January, puppies ready around Mid- May 2022
Mekoro Duck Diver (Nora) is due in season December/January puppies ready around March 2022

Contact us for more information regarding puppies or the possibility of older/trained dogs for sale.

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